Rules of the 1st Tecrostar photo contest

  1. Purpose of the contest

We will reward the best picture sent by our customers.

  1. Participants

It can participate every natural person of legal age from any nationality that owns any Tecrostar product. Only one participation is allowed per person.

  1. Proposal

You have to send an email with the participant´s data and the pictures to [email protected]. You can do it through the file exchange platforms such as WETRANSFER or DROPBOX.

  • The pictures could be presented in a single compressed file (ZIP or RAR), with minimum 2 and maximum of 5 pictures.
  • The deadline of the contest runs from 7 June to 20 October.
  • In order to upload the files, we recommend that you upload the pictures in RGB format. The file size might be 1920x1080 pixels approximately with a minimum resolution of 150 PPI (pixels per inch).


  1. Selection criterion
  • The pictures shall not be pixelated or blurred or have an excessive movement.
  • The environment of the pictures will be valued, that is, we will appreciate that Tecrostar products stand out from the rest of the picture.
  • Well-defined and focused images.


  1. Rights

The acceptance of the prize involves the author´s resignation to the use of the image. This use will be transferred to TECRO, S.L. for advertising or commercial uses.

6. Prizes (delivered at home)

-       1st prize: Super batch of food products from La Rioja, valued at 350 €.

-       2nd prize: Batch of food products from La Rioja, valued at 150 €.

-       3rd prize: Batch of food products from La Rioja, valued at 150 €.