Panel railing mezzanine
Panel railing mezzanine

Panel railing M

The Panel Railing M is a modular railing, 3.28 ft high and 6.56 ft long, which can be combined with different types of enclosure panels to be installed on any Tecrostar mezzanine belonging to M or L ranges.

This railing is designed for placing panels, 3/16 inch thick, made of different materials. The vertical posts are placed at a maximum distance of 3.28 ft, and the panels pass through the posts thanks to the grooves along them.

This railing is not scalable because of the panels, and is therefore suitable for children.

Elegant, minimalist, strong and easy to install.

It includes steel posts with 2 vertical grooves to place the panels, tube stoppers and screws. Panels are not included in this kit.


- Total Length: 6.56 ft (Each side of the mezzanine, in which you want to install railing, needs an initial railing kit with 3 posts. The length can be reduced placing the posts closer to each other, and can be extended using the railing extension kits).

- Number of posts: 3

- Maximum gap between posts: 3.28 ft

- Height: 3.28 ft

Dimensions of the panels (panels are not included in this kit).

- Thickness: 3/16 inch (if glass is used, laminated security glass is recommended, 5+5mm)

- Height: 18 inch

- Length: 6.56 ft (the length of the pieces can be adjusted)

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Data sheet

Kind of productRailings
CompatibilityLarge, Medium
Which height above the flooring board is needed?From 68 to 82 1/4, From 82 1/4 to 91 3/4, From 91 3/4 to 111, From 111 to 135
Maximum length (inch)78 3/4
No of poles2
Maximum distance between railing posts1
Material and finish of the postsSteel painted with powder coating


    What does the kit include?

    Tecrostar mezzanines and stairs are supplied with everything you need to install the kit at its maximum surface area or height.

    • All the beams and columns
    • The floor panels
    • All the nuts and bolts
    • Wall anchors
    • Assembly manual
    • Anchors for anchoring the columns to the floor

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