Do they support the same weight as the main structure?

Yes. They have the exact same specifications as the initial structure.

Can I add an extension in the future?

Yes, you can add an extension in the future. For example, you could add an extension and connect it to an existing mezzanine. It is not necessary to buy both structures at the same time

Is it possible to install an extension in a mezzanine of a different range?

It is not possible to install an extension in a mezzanine from another range. The solution is to install two different mezzanines from different ranges side by side at the same height. In this case, you do not save on columns.

As long as the beams of both mezzanines have the same direction, you can extend the surface by using the flooring.

If, on the other hand, the beams of both structures do not follow the same pattern, you can install the flooring but not create a continuous surface. In this case the structures will function as independent mezzanines as the flooring will also have different directions. To create an aesthetic link between the two mezzanines, we recommend using vinyl flooring planks, carpet or any other material that provides continuity to the flooring.

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