Choose from a wide range of railings made of top quality steel, wood and aluminium and you can enjoy extra safety in your facilities and mezzanines. Moreover, the assembly of the railings is simple – do it yourself!

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Loft Bed railing

Modular railing made of steel and top-quality beech wood with a natural finish, ideal for installations where there is not enough space in height and a railing is required. This railing is very practical for placing a bed on top of a Tecrostar mezzanine.

Price $295.00
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Low railing

The adjustable metal railing is a protection device. Its main advantage lies in the possibility of adjusting its height to the needs of each project by means of the telescopic system.

Price $247.00
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Modular railing with three posts fabricated with top quality materials, becoming the perfect accessory to provide extra safety. Intuitive installation, just to be fitted to the mezzanine.

Price $266.00
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4 Tubes Railing

Very resistant and easy to install modular railing. Manufactured with top-quality materials. It is an accessory for domestic use which, thanks to its four horizontal tubes, provides greater safety.

Price $319.00
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Panel Railing

Modular, minimalist and easy to install railing. Made of high-quality steel, it can be combined with various enclosure panels. Provides elegance and safety. Modular railing: 31 1/2" high and up to 78 1/2" long.

The kit includes three steel posts and screws for fixing to the mezzanine. The panels are not included as part of this kit.

Price $218.00
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Railing with safety skirting board

The Railing is a modular railing, 43 1/2" high and up to two meters long, which can be installed in any of our mezzanines belonging to M, L or XL ranges.

Easy to install and safe. The Railing L kit includes steel posts, handrail, intermediary aluminium bar and safety skirting board 6" high, tube stoppers and screws.

Price $418.00
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Public Use Railing

Modular railing for public use designed to provide extra safety thanks to its 43 1/2" height and specific components. Manufactured with top-quality materials. Complies with French ERP standards.

Price $563.00
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Safety pallet gate

The Safety Pallet Gate, also known as Anti-fall tilting barrier, is a collective security and protection element. Its use is mandatory according to the labour risk prevention regulations. It avoids the people falling while lifting loads to a mezzanine or to any other level.

It works as a rocker: the merchandise is deposited in a position using a forklift and taken away in the other position from inside the mezzanine. This way, one of the railing sides is always closed, avoiding falling to a different level with no need to use harness.

The dimensions of the maximum load to deposit and the dimensions of the gate itself depend on the model, as shown in the main image.

Price $1,938.00
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Railing for folding stairs to wall

Metallic railing with aluminium handrails, designed to be used in a side of the folding stairs to wall, for both the 45º and 54º models.

It is installed in the side that is not flush against wall.

Price $200.00
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Railing flank for lateral stairs S

Versatile steel railing with aluminium handrail. Maximises the safety of the Lateral Stairs S without taking away traffic space.

It can be set on both sides of the staircase. Includes all necessary hardware for installation.

The following specifications should be taken into account depending on the chosen staircase inclination:

Price $261.00
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Loft Bed Railing Extension

This extension is added to a pre-installed loft bed railing to extend its length. Both products are compatible as they have the same dimensions. Made top quality steel and beech wood with a natural finish, ideal for those installations where a railing is required but height is reduced.

Price $261.00
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Low railing extension

The extension is added to the initial low railing flank to get 78 1/2" extra length. You can keep on adding as many extensions as needed to cover the desired length. You can include the corner elbows of handrail to join 2 different sides of the mezzanine.

Its features are the exact same as the low railing. Easy to install on any of our mezzanine or platform without works.

Price $202.00
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Railing Extension

The modular Railing extension is added to a pre-installed Railing in order to increase the overall railing length as both products have the same features. Intuitive installation. You can add as many extensions as you wish till the required length is achieved.

Price $214.00
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4 Tubes Railing Extension

Extension that can be added to lengthen the S 4 Tubes Railing. Both products have compatible dimensions. This modular railing is very resistant and easy to install. Manufactured with top-quality materials, it is a perfect accessory for domestic use which, thanks to its four horizontal tubes, provides greater safety.

Price $264.00
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