What is the load bearing capacity of mezzanines?

At MezzaninesOnline we define the load evenly distributed per square metre. Therefore, the load capacity of mezzanines varies according to each model and its size. For detailed information on the load capacity of a particular mezzanine, we recommend  consulting the corresponding technical datasheet.

In the case of some sturdier models, such as the XL Range, we also define the admissible concentrated point loads. These loads depend to a large extent on the board we use as the mezzanine floor, as it is the component that directly receives the load. Specific information on point loads can be found in the product description.

What are the available colours and finishes for the mezzanines?

Steel parts such as frames, handrail posts and stair stringers are coated with an electrostatic polyester powder paint coating process for maximum adhesion, available in:

- White. Available from stock at no extra cost (RAL: 9016).

- Black. Available from stock at no extra cost (RAL: 9005).

The mezzanines in the XL Range are available in:

- Yellow and black. Available from stock at no extra cost (RAL: 9005 and 1003).

This type of coating is perfect for indoor use. If you plan to install the mezzanine outdoors, we recommend consulting Can I install a mezzanine outdoors? This section contains information and recommendations to consider in order to improve its performance and durability.

Does the kit include the flooring boards?

Yes, the mezzanine floor is included.

For the S, M and L ranges we use 1/2" pine plywood structural panels, with tongue and groove joints on all four sides.

In the XL range, we use P5 HYDRO high-density particle board structural panels, with tongue and groove joints on all four sides and 3/4" thick.

If you want to install your mezzanine outdoors and take care of the floor, we recommend installing the Outdoor Decking. This product is placed over the flooring of the mezzanine, making it a suitable option for outdoor use. It is the ideal waterproof solution to protect the wood flooring and prolong the life of your outdoor mezzanine. In this way, you can create multifunctional spaces such as pergolas, porches, terraces or carports.

Is the floor tailored? How does it fit to my dimensions?

The kit includes as many boards as needed to install the mezzanine in its maximum dimensions.

To install the mezzanine in smaller dimensions, it is necessary to cut the boards as it is explained in the installation manual included in the mezzanine kit.

Is there any other alternative to the wooden floor?

No. Mezzanines Online does not have a different flooring alternative. However, it is possible to personalize the finish of the floor by adding some accessories on the boards (carpet, platform,...). Check our floor finishes in accessories section. If the customer installs a different floor from the boards provided, it is their responsibility to ensure the resistance of the full mezzanine, since the floor contributes to the stability of the whole.

Can I close the mezzanine with plasterboards?

Plasterboard is a low density material, so you can make a closing wall on top of the mezzanine. You can also close the lower part of the mezzanine when mezzanine is indoors. When this closing wall is made in mezzanines installed in the exterior, you should consult Mezzanines Online, since lateral wind load can cause the structure needs stability kits.

Can I have two heights?

No, you can’t. At the moment, our mezzanines are available just for a single height although some customers install them on another existing mezzanine. In that case, the resistance of the existing one should be checked.

What load can support the beams if I hang something from them? (E.g. a punching bag)

It depends on the beam type, we need to calculate the corresponding surface load. For example, a secondary beam TM 15 supports around 1234 lb. You should take into account that if we apply additional loads, a part of the bearing capacity of the beam is being consumed.

If you have any doubt about important additional loads, contact our technical department.

What are the dimensions of the pillars and their base plates?

* The columns of the XL and L mezzanines are made of structural-quality materials. Consequently, they have a fabrication mark related to the traceability which indicates the heat number, steel type,…

Can I install a mezzanine on a sloping floor?

Yes. Provided that the inclination is small, we can use a wedge under the mezzanine columns to level it. If the inclination is too small it might be not necessary at all and the slope might be imperceptible.

Can I install it in a room with trapezoidal or irregular walls?

Yes, you can because the structure does not to be in full contact with the wall. When the walls are irregular or when you want to work around a fixed object, the boards can be finished off against the wall. These factors must be taken into account:

  1. When the distance between the mezzanine and the wall is less than 4" cm, you can cover that surface with the board.
  2. From 4" to 12", it is necessary to use the board flight support. You should buy as many supports as necessary according to the length of the surface you want to cover.
  3. For gaps greater than 12", please contact the technical department.

The total board surface included with the mezzanines only covers the maximum surface area of the mezzanine floor. You can add panels to cover this additional surface.

Is it possible to install at a lower or higher height than indicated?

Yes, it is possible to reduce the height but not to increase the maximum position.

To reduce the height of S and M mezzanines, you can ask the technical department for a type of short column. With their use the telescopic and adjustable system is maintained, but the maximum and minimum positions of the structure are reduced.

Depending on how short the mezzanine needs to be, the customer may have to make a simple cut on these columns.

To reduce the height of L and XL mezzanines, a special cut must be made. You can order this cut from MezzaninesOnline and we will send you a personalized quotation.

Can a mezzanine be installed as an extension to an existing mezzanine?

Yes. This is quite common and the results are very good. The telescopic system of the columns enables the height to be adjusted every 4 3/4", so in the worst case scenario you will have a 2 3/8" difference.

Can I add extra columns to distribute the weight?

Yes, you can. However, the maximum load capacity will be unaffected.

Is it a customised mezzanine? How does the system work?

No, it is not a customised mezzanine but its telescopic design enables an almost customised finish. This system is length, width and height adjustable, achieving the preferred measurements.

The mezzanine can be adjusted from its minimum values to its maximum values at these intervals.

A: adjustable every 4 3/4"

B: adjustable every 3 7/8"

C: adjustable every 3 7/8"

Can I order a complete kit by changing its content?

In our shop, we offer two combinations: kits and packs.

In the case of the kits, you can choose the colour of the structure and the railings handrail .

In the packs we have carefully selected a combination of products that we believe will offer you a complete and convenient experience without the need to make additional choices. Therefore, the products in the packs cannot be changed.  

More than one mezzanine suits my needs, which should I choose?

We might have various models of mezzanine that meet the dimensions you need. In this case, follow these criteria:

1- Load-bearing capacity

2- Maximum span (distance between columns)

3- Beam height

4- Height of the mezzanine above the decking you need

Which mezzanine is the right for me?
The key to choosing the right mezzanine is to be sure of how you will be using it.
If you want to use it at home, whether in a cosy bedroom, in a relaxing living room or in a garage to create extra space, you should consider the S or M ranges. The mezzanine of these ranges allow you to create a raised area between 63" to 10 3/4" high.
If you want to extend a commercial space, add a balcony to your garden or create a second storey warehouse or a large garage, we recommend the L mezzanines. From 82 1/4" to 134 5/8" high.
XL mezzanines are for larger projects. For example, you can fit out industrial premises or increase your company's productivity and storage capacity. These mezzanines range in height from 92 1/2" to 149 1/2".
Once you know how you want to use your mezzanine, the next step is to fine-tune the details such as height, area and load capacity so that it fits your project perfectly. You can also add stairs, railings and other accessories.

I need more surface, what solutions are there?

You can increase the surface using the extension kits. Get these kits at the same time as your mezzanine or in the future, when you need more space.

These kits are height-adjustable as well and allow to multiply the surface of our mezzanine.

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