Stairs for reduced spaces

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Lateral stairs

The Side Stairs are a practical solution that allow safe and comfortable access to different heights. They can be adjusted to different degrees of inclination depending on the needs of each project and the space available.

Price $1,053.00
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The wooden ladder is made of high-quality beech wood. The inclination of the ladder is 80º. The versatile design and easy installation of this product make it perfect for any environment.

Price $323.00
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Boat ladder

The boat stairs are made of top quality pine plywood with a natural finish. They have an inclination of 70° and two handrails that aid ascent and descent.

Price $549.00
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Truckle Bed Straight Stairs

The Truckle Bed Stairs aese the access to the structure and can be used independently in different locations. These stairs are not height-adjustable.

Made of high-quality materials and easy to install, this straight staircase is available in white colour.

Price $299.00
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Alternating tread stairs 62º

The 62° alternating tread stairs, made of high cuality steel and wooden rungs, are perfect for small spaces.

The offset steps of these stairs are carefully designed to offer safer and more comfortable ascent and descent, distributing the weight evenly and providing stability with every step.

Price $1,744.00
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Straight Stairs

The Straight Stairs are the perfect solution for reduced spaces thanks to their versatility and ease of installation. With the option to adjust its height, these become the best choice to optimise the use of the available space in homes, work areas, garages, warehouses and commercial premises.

Price $1,554.00
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Spiral Stairs

Made of high quality steel, the spiral stairs are a winning choice if you are looking for a sturdy and safe staircase able to fit in tight spaces. It guarantees a comfortable user experience.

In addition, it includes a side railing and steel rungs that offer a firm grip when ascending and descending.

Price $2,493.00
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Industrial alternating tread stairs 63º

The Industrial Stairs with 63° offset rungs, made of steel, are designed to optimise small spaces and make the most of the available surface area.

The offset steps are carefully designed to offer a safer and more comfortable ascent and descent, distributing weight evenly and providing stability with every step.

Price $2,414.00
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