La entreplanta Tecrostar es un producto único en el mercado patentado a nivel mundial por Tecro

Buy a Tecrostar mezzanine and get a space of several square meters that will be yours forever. Furthermore, if you move in the future you can move your mezzanine with you easily or even resell it as a piece of furniture, as a bunk bed.

Thanks to its telescopic elements is suitable to adapt in every space, you can vary all its dimensions easily.

You can adapt it to different spaces and use it for different purposes. You can change its dimensions whenever you want, even expand it infinitely. Besides there is a wide range of interchangeable accessories, stairs, railings, etc. If you need a T15 ladder now and in the future a Spiral staircase, simply change it. Anchors are interchangeable and you can mix models, accessories, etc “The imagination is the only limit”

The best price without question, much cheaper than a removable or a custom-made mezzanine.

Con las entreplantas Tecrostar queda garantizada la capacidad de carga de la estructura. Nuestros cálculos están realizados según la normativa con un coeficiente de seguridad del 1.5. Más de 10.000 Tecrostar vendidas nos avalan.

Buying a mezzanine Tecrostar you ensure compliance with the most demanding European regulations in terms of structural and functional design.

Tecrostar products are guaranteed for 10 years.

Our products are made of high quality materials, indeed steel parts are cut by laser process avoiding sharp edges. The parts are painted by electrostatic process thereby ensuring uniform and resistant painted. The structural floor consists of waterproof interlocked wooden boards that are marked one by one to certify load capacity and compliance with regulations.

All of our products are manufactured entirely in our factory in Spain..

All you need for the installation of a Tecrostar product would be a ratchet or a wrench set, a machine for cutting wood, a drill and a screwdriver.

We also send you our intuitive instructions manual for the installation and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us. Thus in a very short period of time you will have your mezzanine ready.

The installation of Tecrostar products is clean and safe, it does not require having to weld, cut steel or paint; all you have to do is to recycle the packaging of your product.

all the components of Tecrostar mezzanines are very manageable (parts are shorter than 2.4m) and fit in an elevator, you will not have to fight with huge pieces that do not pass through the doors or scratch the walls.

Our team will be glad to help you with everything you may need now and in the future. You can contact us by mail, phone, chat, skype, etc.

All our products are protected by patents.

Its design makes it a very lightweight mezzanine that can support up to 6 times its own weight. It can be installed in any property as long as its load capacity (**) is limited.

(*) Package delivery is done at street level, situations in which it is needed to deliver in courtyards, gardens, etc. are excluded from regular delivery system, therefore the carrier will decide the best alternative place to deliver the product.

(**) Contact to Tecrostar technical department for more information.

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