Cancellation Policy

Orders may be cancelled prior to processing and shipping. It is strongly recommended that the customer contact our customer service department as soon as possible to request cancellation.

To cancel an order, the customer may email or call during business hours, stating their name and order number to expedite the process.

The costs associated with cancelling an order may vary depending on the status of the material preparation and shipment process:


Cancellation prior to Material Shipment:

  • If the order has not gone into production, a full refund of the purchase amount will be made, discounting the return costs corresponding to the chosen payment method (if applicable).
  • If the order is in production and has been packaged, the full amount of the purchase will be refunded, minus:
    • The return costs corresponding to the chosen payment method (if applicable).
    • Order preparation costs according to the total value of the order: 8% of the order amount.

Cancellation after dispatch of the material:

Cancellation takes place after dispatch (the order has left our premises) and the customer has not received the order, i.e. the order is in transit. Mezzanines Online will reimburse the order minus the following amounts:

  • Costs arising from the shipment, including those initially borne by Mezzanines Online.
  • Expenses for the return of the goods to our facilities.
  • Costs generated by the return of the money by the chosen method of payment (if applicable).
  • Preparation and unpacking costs of the order according to the total value.

The refund will be made by the same method as the order was paid for unless the customer indicates an alternative method.


Return Policy

Personalised products cannot be returned.


Return period:

The customer has 14 calendar days from receipt of the order to request a return.

The period begins on the day on which the customer or a third party designated by the customer, other than the carrier, acquires possession of the order.


Return Conditions:

The product must be in perfect condition, with no signs of use, mistreatment or damage.

It is not essential to return it in its original packaging, but it must be correctly packed to avoid damage during transport.


Return Procedure:

1. Communication of the Return: The customer must communicate to Mezzanines Online his intention to return an order within 14 days of receiving the order. You must send an email to indicating your name and order number.

2. Confirmation of Request: Mezzanines Online will contact the customer to confirm receipt of the return request.

3. Shipment of Goods: The customer is responsible for returning the goods to Mezzanines Online's facilities.

  • Option 1: Return on Your Own: The customer can send the goods on their own, assuming the shipping costs.
  • Option 2: Collection by Mezzanines Online: The customer can request a quote for the collection of the material. Mezzanines Online will take care of the collection and transport, as long as the goods comply with the return conditions. The customer must pay the amount of the budget.

4. Inspection of the goods: Once received at the premises, Mezzanines Online will inspect the goods. In case of damage or loss, Mezzanines Online will contact the customer to inform him and the customer will be responsible for the associated costs.

5. Reimbursement: Mezzanines Online will inform the customer of the final amount of the return and a breakdown of the costs incurred. The refund of the agreed amount will be made within 14 days, from receipt of the order, by the same method of payment used for the purchase (unless the customer indicates an alternative method).

Return costs:

  • Return of unopened (unpacked) products: The full amount of the order will be refunded subtracting:
    • Preparation costs.
    • Costs of the initial dispatch to the customer.
    • Charges for the return of the money by the chosen payment method (if applicable).


  • Return of opened products: The full amount of the order will be refunded minus:
    • The amount listed in the previous point.
    • The value of the products for being in poor condition or incomplete (if applicable).
    • The cost of checking and unpacking the order in our warehouse (if applicable).
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