What are the steps and materials required to install a mezzanine?

At least two adults are required to install a mezzanine, (they do not need to be DIY professionals). It is recommended to use safety equipment such as gloves, boots, etc., to avoid any accidents.

For the mezzanine floors in the L and XL range, a scaffolding or ladder system may be required for work at height and manual or electric lifting equipment for the primary beams, especially if the structure is over 3 m high. All other ranges are easily lifted by hand.

You will need the following tools to install the mezzanines: tape measure, a spanner set for nuts and bolts and a screwdriver (an electric screwdriver makes the job much easier), a spirit level, hammer, drill and a cutting tool for the board (handsaw, jigsaw, circular saw...).

This video shows you how to install a TM 15 mezzanine.

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