How is the package and what are its dimensions?

At MezzaninesOnline, we offer four types of boxes that are carefully designed to adapt to and protect the products. Depending on the products in your order, you will receive one or the other.

Mezzanine floors in the S, M and L range are shipped in the same type of box. The S and M mezzanines require one crate for each shipment. The L range, however, normally requires two crates.

The XL mezzanines are shipped in two boxes; one for the wooden elements and one for the steel elements.

The rest of the products (stairs, handrails and other items) are shipped in smaller boxes.

Type of box

Length (inch)

Width (inch)

Height (inch)

Box for S, M and L


44 1/2

21 1/2

Wooden XL Box


47 1/2


Iron XL box

96 1/2



Small items box

92 1/2

12 1/2


*All mezzanine crates are shipped palletised.

Our logistics department packs the products with great care to optimise the space available inside the boxes. Sometimes, smaller products may share a box with mezzanines. In this way we make the most of the space and ensure that everything fits correctly.

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